World Watch Book 5 SNC

ISBN 9780190708436
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World Watch Book 5 SNC

Christine Moorcroft and Frances Mackay

World Watch is a social studies course for the 21st century. It is designed for primary schools that want to stimulate curiosity and develop pupils thinking skills and a love of learning. In each book, all six themes of Single National Curriculum 2020: citizenship, culture, state and government, history, geography, and economics have been covered. The approach is child-friendly, using stories and simple language to make new concepts easy to understand.
Each level consists of:

A Pupils Book with thought-provoking text, high quality photos, and challenging tasks
A Skills Book to develop concepts presented in the Pupils Book, through a variety of activities, exercises, and puzzles
A Teaching Guide containing background knowledge, suggested lesson plans, and answers to tasks
An online digital resource that contains reinforcement exercises


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