Thermomosaic Underwater World 4000 beads three bases 3D ...

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Thermomosaic Underwater World 4000 beads three bases 3D figures[1Pc][PD]


We offer little creative individuals who are interested in various types of needlework to try a new interesting way to spend their free time well and usefully.

This is a handicraft technique in which small plastic colored fragments are combined into one whole under the influence of temperature, forming an interesting 3D composition.

Your hands are the tools that turn your ideas into reality, transforming a collection of colorful elements into magical art.


  • theme - marine world;
  • 4000 multi-colored beads;
  • Creative set contains 3 multiple bases;
  • allows you to create 3D figures;
  • elements are combined with each other under the influence of temperature thanks to the iron;
  • thermal paper is added to the set;
  • convenient tweezers for laying out beads;
  • The set stimulates the development of fine motor skills, the child’s creative abilities, encourages the generation of creative ideas, attentiveness and accuracy.