The Science Factor Book 5

ISBN 9780190707170
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The Science Factor Book 5

Nicolas Brasch

The Science Factor is an engaging, informative, and comprehensive science series written or Pakistani students, based primarily on the SNC (Single National Curriculum) 2020.
This series has been developed with one aim in mind: to bring science alive in a way that is relevant, engaging, and enlightening for the student.
Features of this series include:

content based on the SNC
focus on active learning
super scientist narrators to maximize student engagement
information and activities relevant to students experiences and observations
activities for students to learn more about themselves and the world around them
age-appropriate explanations of scientific concepts
integration between textbooks, workbooks, downloadable digital resources, and teaching guides to ensure a complete learning experience
workbooks provide further practice through exercises and activities, while digital resource are designed to reinforce scientific concepts
teaching guides include sample lesson plans with background information, detailed lesson
plans, answers to questions in the Students Book, and ideas for additional activities and experiments


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