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“This book is essentially a handbook of life and living which could be a useful reference for all practitioners of life.“

“Pakistan’s social fabric due to multiple reasons needs dissemination of such epistemologically sound scholarly work.“

– Lt. Gen. Dr. Zahid Latif (R)

“A Hundred percent or absolute balance is not practicable in human beings due to simultaneous traversing in multiple relations, fundamentally variable, but can still be achieved to a large extent if each relation respects its bounds realistically.“

“Such ‘life-giving‘ and ‘life-oriented‘ books generate ‘movement in our lives in addition to quality knowledge acquisition for which author Irfan Ali also deserves appreciation and commendation.“

“The most astounding feats of this book are the author’s grip on the subject and flowing style of expression wherein the reader not only maintains his interest but also feels how numerous philosophical knots are untied with examples par excellence.“

-Author Amjad Islam Amjad