Studio Acrylic Colors – 25 ml – Set of 6 Neon Shades [IP][Pack]

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Studio Acrylic Colors – 25 ml – Set of 6 Neon Shades [IP][Pack][U12-22124]


Bluebird Studio Acrylics is our student-quality line, made for everyday use by all kinds of artists. Featuring Studio medium-consistency acrylic paint, this set contains six useful primary colours to help build your palette.
What is the difference between Bluebird Studio Acrylic Colours and Bluebird Signature Acrylic Colours?

Bluebird Studio Acrylics 25 ml sets are student-grade acrylic colours focused on beginners
1. Easy blend-ability (medium body)
2. Satin finish
3. Available in 6 pcs beginner sets with primary, pearlescent, and neon palettes
4. Economical price range and higher volume for worry-free learning!

Bluebird Signature Acrylic Colours 75 ml tubes on the other hand are made for professional artists focused on
1. Superior coverage
2. High gloss
3. Heavy body for superior extend-ability
4. Over 60+ shade palette

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