Shimmering Scraps of Poetry and Madness

ISBN 9786245702794
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This is a collection of poems and essays that range from the sublime to the ridiculous; from soaring on the wings of eustasy to struggling with overwhelming despair; from the capricious joys of matrimony to the changeful delights of singledom; from the profound ecstasy in a mug of steaming latte to the ardent disappointment in a less than perfectly brewed cup of tea; from the comedic to the somber and from the customary to the controversial, this collection of poems and features encompasses them all.
The book is divided into five sections: Joy, Foot-in-the-Mouth, Truth, Hope and Serenity. The Truth and Foot-in-the-Mouth categories are especially brazen and raw. As with most such uninhibited writing, the objective is to assail the sensibilities and, even if just for a while, to look the truth right in its jaundiced eye. The other three sections are largely whimsical and uplifting very much like walking through a zen corridor, which I’m hoping, will also soften the sensory assault of the former two segments.
Warning: This book might just become your next page-bound best friend or the truth-teller you have a love-hate relationship with. Let the sensory pathway from your retina to your heart decide.