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Proficiency Tests Mathematics Continual Assessment & Semestral Assessment Secondary 1 is designed to assess Secondary 1 students in their understanding and application of mathematical concepts, skills and processes. There are 8 Mock Examinations: 2 sets of CA 1 paper, 2 sets of SA 1 papers, 2 sets of CA 2 paper and 2 sets of SA 2 papers. They are written in accordance with the latest syllabus and cover work to be done in an entire school term. Questions are specially crafted to help students in mastering problem-solving skills and boost their confidence in tackling questions in their school examinations. The answer scheme contains fully worked solutions with suggested marks allocation to all the questions in the Mock Examinations. Remarks are included to propose alternative solutions and also highlight some common mistakes, illogical workings that students may commit. It is hoped that students who have worked through this book will find this book a useful resource of the types of ques


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