Price Tagging Gun [IP][1Pc]

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Price Tagging Gun [IP][1Pc][U8-181223]


  • 【Durable】Durable hard plastic BS ONE clothing tagger gun with standard size stainless steel needles - Under the correct operation, our clothes tagging gun still works well even though after thousands of times use.
  • 【Easy To Use】The load of attachments and the replacement of needles won't take you too much effort. You can learn to use this tag gun within one minute so long as you have read the instructions.
  • 【Applied To Various Cloth】The price gun is designed for use with regular fabrics including wool, linen, cotton, denim, polyester, synthetic, natural, and other fabrics. Do not use the tag gun on silk or any delicate and fine fabrics.
  • 【Wide Applications】It's a great tool for attaching cardboard/ brand labels/ price labels to clothes, garments, toys, luggage, socks, bags, etc. Perfect for shops, boutiques, retailers, online sellers, and garment factories.
  • 【Usage Precaution】BS ONE pricing tag gun is safe to use on most of the fabrics perfectly thick ones. However standard needle is 0.08 inches thick and may easily leave a visible hole if used on very fine delicate fabrics. So you had better attach a fastener in the seams of the garment or on the sewn-in labels to hide the hole as much as possible.


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