Pilot Clutch Pencil H-125 [IP][1Pc]

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Pilot Clutch Pencil H-125 [IP][1Pc][U14-24324]


The program combines technology, economy, and eco-friendliness in the same mechanical pencil. With its sliding metal sleeve, ergonomic grip, and integrated eraser, Progrex is the ultimate accessory! The Progrex is part of the BegreeN range, manufactured from recycled plastic. Together, we can make a difference and help save our planet's resources. By producing a Begreen Progrex mechanical clutch pencil, Pilot is reducing the carbon footprint of the pencil compared to the same pencil produced without recycled plastic. But it does not stop there, by refilling it at least 3 times, you would be offsetting the carbon dioxide emissions too. From the manufacturing through to the end of the product life, it is estimated that buying this Begreen pencil and refilling it with 3 packs of leads reduces the total environmental impact of the pencil by -89%** compared to buying an additional 3 new pencils. A small gesture can make a significant difference in our fight against climate change!
  • Sliding sleeve helps prevent excessive lead breakage
  • Soft integrated rubber grip. 0.5 mm Mechanical Clutch Pencil
  • MS-10 integral replacable eraser
  • Available Barrel Colours: Blue and Black Colors.