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PC02 Junior King Poster Colors 12 Bright Different Shades [IS][1Set][U29-8424]


Junior poster color is a type of paint that is mostly used for creating posters and signs. It is a water-based paint, which means that it can be easily cleaned up with water and does not have a strong odors. Junior poster color is typically more vibrant and opaque than regular watercolor paint, which makes it a good choice for creating large, eye-catching posters.

King Poster Colors Pack of 12pcs King Poster Color's 12 Bright Different Shades Bottles 25cc-per bottle.
These are Attractive colors
The Best and Premium quality Poster Color's.
The king poster colors are very helpful for small children when they are being creative in their free time.
These are non toxic, there are no immediate threats for when a child may accidentally put them in their mouth.
These paints come in various 

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