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Knowing the rules is the basis of learning a language and using them well is a reflection of mastery over the language. For a long time, the need was felt for quality grammar books for school children. The new series Urdu Qawaid Silsila by Paramount Books fills this considerable gap to meet the need for formal teaching of Urdu grammar.  Urdu Qawaid Silsila is a series of eight textbooks, and initially, the first five books of this series are being introduced for the primary level from Grades 1 to 5. In the journey of learning the rules of the Urdu language, the students will gain an understanding through a step-by-step approach and a systematic progression through the grades until they reach a comfortable mastery of the language.  These books have been aligned with the grammar section of the Single National Curriculum.  A Teachers Resource Manual for the primary level will also be available.