PaperOne Digital 100 Gm A4 Printing Paper (1Box)

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PaperOne Digital 100 Gm A4


Brand: PaperOne
Size: A4
Weight(g/m2) : 100
Opacity (%) : 97
Brightness(%) : 97
Thickness (um) : 97
Ream Per Box: 4


1. Get Excellent image clarity & contrast.
2. It has High opacity and thickness.
3. Get High performance for both side printing/copying.
4. Optimized smoothness on both surfaces.
5. Uniform toner/ink absorption to provide good print evenness.
6. Paper dimensionally stable.
7. Best Suitable for 1. Photocopy. 2. Laser Printing. 3. Inkjet Printing

Learn more about PaperOne Digital:

It is a premium quality paper that provides you with high-quality printing results. PaperOne Digital is designed for the latest high-speed inkjet printers, digital lasers which are mostly used for all your home and office printers and fulfill the printing needs that you want from any paper.

This is a very flexible printing paper that can be switched from one printer machine to another.

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