New Oxford General Knowledge Book 3

ISBN 9780190707873
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New Oxford General Knowledge Book 3

Nicholas Horsburgh

New Oxford General Knowledge Books for Kindergarten and classes 1-3 are developed along the guidelines of the Single National Curriculum of Pakistan 2020 for General Knowledge. They cover all themes of the SNC: ethics and values, responsible citizenship, discovering self and immediate
environment, patriotism and knowledge of country, goods and services, life sciences, physical sciences, Earth and space science.
It teaches essential life skills, attitudes, and moral values and inspires learners to become responsible citizens. It emphasizes critical-thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and inquirybased learning.
This edition has:

A beautiful layout with refreshing design
Content based on SNC 2020
Keywords that enrich learning experience
‘Discuss and answer, activities to enable students engagement
Exercises at the end of each lesson to reinforce knowledge
‘Think about it!, boxes to promote critical thinking
Exciting, real life images and interesting illustrations
Formative and summative assessments based on BloomsTaxonomy
Attractive picture glossary included for kindergarten.
For grades 1-3, bi-lingual glossary is included for better understanding


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