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Were there any secrets in the Tashkent Agreement and the Shimla Agreement? What is the true story about the Rann of Kutch arbitration? What was the nature of the troubled relationship between Pakistan and Libya during the Zia regime? What led the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan? Who killed Ziaul Haq? Some answers to these baffling questions are provided in this book by former Ambassador Shahid M. Amin. This is a diplomat’s account of his near forty years experience in Pakistan’s Foreign Service where he held some very sensitive appointments. Shahid Amin gives first-hand impressions of Pakistani rulers like Ayub Khan, Bhutto, Ziaul Haq, and Junejo, as well as key figures in Pakistan’s diplomacy like Zafrulla Khan, Manzur Qadir, Aziz Ahmed, Agha Shahi, Sahebzada Yaqub Khan, Shah Nawaz, and many others.