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Music, Silence, and Noise aims to bring a paradigm shift in classrooms across Pakistan with social activism that will not only unlock the hidden potential of our students but also help us raise an emotionally intelligent generation. The book sheds light on:

• How to include empathy and care in lessons.

• Bringing focus on the emotional well-being of students.

• How can you unearth previously untapped potential.

• Believing in the possibilities of our actions.

• A new and imaginative classroom management matrix–the Harmony Model.

• How you can influence students and help them thrive, and much more.
This inspiring self-improvement book encourages educators to focus more on their students’ emotional and psychological needs rather than just the academic performance they expect. In doing so, they can make school life a happier experience and a place where students want to be, rather than a place they have to be. If you passionately believe in the importance of human contact and that by celebrating human diversity, your students will do better, then this book is essential for you.