Hard Card File Separator A4 [IP][1Pack]

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Hard Card File Separator A4 [IP][1Pack][U223]

Product Type : File Separator 

Pack : 10 Pieces in a Pack


A card file separator is a small, often index-card-sized divider used to organize and separate information in a card file or card holder. They are usually made of durable materials such as plastic or heavy cardstock and are often tabbed for easy identification. Card file separators can be blank or pre-labeled with alphabetical or numerical characters, and are often used to organize contact information, recipes, notes, or other types of information that can be easily categorized. They can also be used to divide cards by subject, date, or any other relevant criteria. Card file separators are a simple yet effective organizational tool that can help keep information easy to find and access, and are commonly used in offices, libraries, and other settings where information needs to be sorted and filed.

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