Mortein Flying Insect Killer Spray 375ml [IP][1Pc]

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Mortein Flying Insect Killer Spray 375ml [IP][1Pc][U3-131223]


Brand: Mortein

Product Volume: 375ml


Product Description:


1. 100% protection

2. 100% dengue protection

3. Protection and peace of mind for 8 hours.

4. Safe for your family.


How to Use:


To Kill Flies and other flying insects : Close windows and doors and spray high into air for 4-5 seconds. For rapid action spray directly at insect.

To Kill Mosquitoes instantly : Ensure all sources of ignition are extinguished. Spray directly onto insect for 1-2 seconds for fast and effective results.

Where to Use:


1. Under Bed

2. Behind Curtain

3. Behind Sofas