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Features Provide an introduction to the kinetics of materials using examples of real industrial processes Covers metals, polymers, and other hard materials as well as soft materials such as polymers and biomaterials Addresses atomistic and macroscopic aspects of diffusion in solids, liquids, and gases Develop the quantitative expression of key fabrication and degradation processes of reactions and phase transitions step by step Avoids black box equations, supplying derivations with clear textual explanations Affords the reader with the opportunity to quantify the results of each chapter via problem sets Discusses dimensionless variable solutions to the partial differential equations of diffusion, simple derivation of the Boltzmann distribution, correct point defect chemistry including Kröger-Vink notation, and non-ideal diffusion Summary A pedagogical gem…. Professor Ready replaces ‘black-box’ explanations with detailed, insightful derivations. A wealth of practical application exampl