Goldfish Poster Color 15ml [IP][Box]

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Goldfish Poster Color 15ml [IP][Box][U1-11424]

  • 12 Poster Color in Box.
  • Each color contains 15ml of paint
  • Includes a complimentary brush for immediate use
  • Caution: Avoid use with solvents or strong chemicals
  • Safe and non-toxic formula for worry-free painting
  • Smooth and even application for excellent coverage
  • Compatible with various surfaces such as paper, canvas, and wood
  • The water-based formula allows for easy cleaning and blending
  • Suitable for artists of all levels, from beginners to professionals
  • Unleash your creativity with a diverse range of shades
  • Perfect for landscapes, portraits, and still-life compositions
  • Versatile for art projects, crafts, and DIY decorations
  • Encourages artistic exploration and self-expression
  • Ideal as a gift for art enthusiasts and aspiring painters
  • Goldfish poster brings vibrant colors and artistic inspiration to your space.