Frey Levander Air Freshener 300ml [IP][1Pc]

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Frey Levander Air Freshener 300ml [IP][1Pc][U5-15124]


  • DISTINCT SPRAY: Rethink your air freshener with a new Frey Air Freshener unlike any you’ve experienced before.
  • ELIMINATE RECURRING ODORS: Sure, it’s an instant odor eliminator. But it is a soothing and long-lasting natural scent, something you’d never expect from Frey.
  • FREY FORMULATION: Frey is Formulated with Arabic & unique fragrances that freshen the room while creating a signature scent.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATION: Works as a carpet & room deodorizer and is safe to use everywhere (i.e. car, home, kitchen, bathroom, and more), even on fabrics.
  • PONDERABLE: Never exposed directly in front of eyes and sunlight, Also it is highly flammable.