Explore Science Class Student Book 4[IS]

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New Heinemann Explore Science has been very carefully structured to ensure a progressive
development in the students using the course, both scientific process skills and also of knowledge and
understanding. It is more manageable than many primary Science schemes. It has a simple structure, but
it also offers wide investigation and research opportunities.
A range of engaging tasks is offered for each topic, including practical and research based activities. The
teachers’ resource books which are provided for all grade levels provide comprehensive guidelines to
carry out the lesson in class. It includes cross curricular links which makes the lessons come to life for
the students as they experience the connection in other subject areas as well.
The workbooks have interactive activities which allows students to research and test the theories they
are studying in class. They teach students different steps to scientific research.

Class: 4
ISBN: 978-969-677-150-0