DUX Chrome Sharpener [IS][1Pc]

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DUX Chrome Sharpener [IS][1Pc][U223]

Brand : Dux

Color : Silver

50 sharpeners in a Jar


A pencil sharpener is a tool used to sharpen the tip of a pencil to make it sharper and more precise for writing or drawing. Pencil sharpeners come in various forms, including manual and electric models.

Manual pencil sharpeners typically consist of a cylindrical or conical container with a blade mechanism inside. The pencil is inserted into a hole in the container, and the blade shaves away the wood and graphite to create a sharp point.

Electric pencil sharpeners work on the same principle, but with a motor that rotates the blade automatically. They are often faster and more efficient than manual sharpeners, but they require a power source and can be more expensive.

Pencil sharpeners may also vary in size and shape, from small handheld models to larger desk-mounted sharpeners. Some models also include features such as a container to catch pencil shavings or a mechanism to adjust the sharpness of the point.


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