DL Tape Dispenser 3" [IP][1Pc]

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DL Tape Dispenser 3" [IP][1Pc][U223]

Brand : DL

Product Type : Tape Dispenser


A tape dispenser is a device used to hold and dispense adhesive tape. It typically consists of a plastic or metal frame with a cutting edge and a mechanism for holding a roll of tape securely. The cutting edge is usually serrated or toothed to provide a clean and straight cut of the tape, and the mechanism for holding the tape can be either a spring-loaded spindle or a stationary arm with a serrated edge. Tape dispensers can come in various shapes and sizes, and can be handheld or desk-mounted for convenience. They are commonly used in offices, homes, and other settings to make it easier to apply and cut tape for various applications, such as packaging, labeling, or crafting. Some tape dispensers are also designed for use with specific types of tape, such as masking tape or packing tape, and can provide additional features, such as adjustable tension control or a built-in brake to prevent the tape from unrolling too quickly.

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