Deer Scotch Tape 48mm 2" 50Y [IP][1Pc]

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Deer Scotch Tape 48mm 2" 50Y [IP][1Pc][U11-211123]


Brand: Deer

Product Type: Scotch Tape 

Size: 48mm 2" 50Yards


Description :


Scotch Tape is a brand of clear adhesive tape that is commonly used in office and household settings for various applications. The tape consists of a transparent, thin, and flexible plastic material coated with an adhesive substance on one side. It typically comes in a roll with a built-in dispenser that allows for easy and convenient use. Scotch Tape is used for a variety of purposes such as wrapping gifts, attaching documents, and repairing torn paper or plastic. It is often preferred for its strong adhesive properties, durability, and ease of use.

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