Crystal Blue Stamp Pad Classic Metal Small [IS][1Pc]

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Crystal Blue Stamp Pad Classic Metal Small [IS][1Pc][U15-251123]


Size In Inches: 3.5" X 2.5"

Color: Blue

About This Product :

With the use of Crystal stamp pads, you can be sure that your stamps will continually deliver clean and uniform imprints that will last for decades. An inkpad is a small box that contains a pad of cloth or other material. It is impregnated with ink (the pad is inky). A marker is pressed onto the pad, then onto the paper.

  • Comfortable & Durable Structure.
  • Smooth and safe use.
  • Deluxe & Excellent Model.
  • Excellent in quality, Best Results
  • Smudge-free impression.
  • Durable plastic case.
  • Fast-drying ink.
  • An ideal way for office management
  • Authenticate your documents.
  • Patent Product.


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