Cellophane Wrapping Sheet [IP][1Pc]

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Cellophane Wrapping Sheet [IP][1Pc][U523]

Standard Size : 18 x 23

  • Cellophane sheet sheet measures approx. 18 x 23 different vibrant colors.
  • These colored plastic wrap is made of premium materals, which laminated to maintain colors, offer extra durability and flexibility and make it appropriate for food contact.
  • Colored plastic sheets include blue, yellow, clear,purple,orange, magenta,red, green. Various colors for you to choose, easy to combine two cello sheets so as to create more vibrant colors. Good for light decoration, make your house look warm.
  • Colored cellophane sheets is transparent, making it easy to see the contents of the package at a glance, waterproof, airtight, impervious to water, and heat sealable, providing good protection for the items.

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