The Case for the Printing Paper

With the widespread use of presentation tools and e-readers, it has become a widespread belief that the usage of paper should decline substantially.

While this appears to be conventional wisdom, the paper holds a certain significance in the lives of everyone that it touches. No matter how you have been educated, the role of paper in your personal development and the enhancement of human intellectual capabilities is significant.

An instrument for development under the right circumstances:

The written word is experienced not just read, and that elevates paper to a highly important medium that has helped human beings achieve their potential for generations. It is pertinent to know that our sensory inputs mold our view of the world. 

The transmission of thoughts and ideas via paper is almost as old as civilized society itself. It is therefore unfair to detach completely from such a powerful medium and deprive yourself of the opportunity for continuous improvement.

How does Paper usage impact the environment?

The concern with paper usage is always the impact it might have on the environment. Striving for a more eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable is our responsibility and one that must not be shirked. 

It is therefore imperative that our choices reflect our intentions and nowhere is it more relevant than in the choice of paper. Most developed economies have established clear guidelines and stringently enforced regulations regarding the creation process of paper. 

These standards have resulted in significant gains as paper manufacturers have been charged with planting more trees than they cut down and accomplishing a net positive impact on emissions associated with their paper production.

Sadly, such standards have been nonexistent in the local industry, noticeable by the rapid deforestation of Pakistan’s northern forest region.

The consumption of local printer paper negatively impacts the environment and in the absence of any meaningful implementation of even the most basic of regulations, the situation appears dire.

Imported paper brands with a strong sense of corporate governance and tightly regulated by their respective governments are the best bet when it comes to finding an acceptable option for your printing requirements.


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