Looking for A4 printing papers? Here is your comprehensive guide to becoming the Office hero.

A4 size printing papers are a staple of every office. Usually we look for the cheapest alternative and treat paper as a uniform item that does not require a lot of research. However, the major thing to take into account is not the cost of paper but the replacement cost of our printers. See, the trouble with choosing a low quality, cheap, Offset Copy Paper is the negative impact it has on your printer. Generally printers require at least 70 gsm of smooth printer paper to work efficiently. Low quality cheap printing paper effectively erodes the life cycle of a standard printer and results in frequent wear and tear.

Why Printing Paper Are Important?

The solution is not always to switch up to 80 gsm or higher. There are many affordable premium options in the 70 gram category. These include paper brands like PaperOne, PP lite and Zap. Not only are these papers a good alternative to low quality brands but they also compliment your printer and ensure that it does not lose its service life. This is especially important, as investing in a printer is a major consideration and requires a lot of analysis. Such an investment also takes away much-needed capital from your core business operations and reduces the ability for your growth centers to achieve scalability quickly.

Best Way To Choose Your Paper Brand:

While there are a lot of other parameters which may be considered before choosing a paper brand, it is important to note that choosing a brand for life is not an advisable approach. Although it is much easier to simply pick a brand and run with it, it is far more likely, because of supply fluctuations and market dynamics, that loyalty to a single brand ends up becoming a costly endeavor. The best approach is usually to pick from a basket of wide-ranging options, two or three brands that have the potential to fulfill all your printing requirements. Generally, a retail store is not suitable for such considerations. The limited availability of brands and the tendency of store owners to push their brand of choice on to customers results in a very narrow selection pool.

Want To Buy From Online Store?

Katib is well placed to familiarize oneself, with multiple tiers of quality brands and sizable options within each tier. You have the option of shortlisting A4 sized printing papers without having to forego the affordability aspect inherent in any business model’s financial planning. The platform allows you to avail great discounts periodically. This along with the multiple features that exist in order to facilitate the best possible customer experience, have established us as Pakistan's premier office supplies destination.


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