Shiny Ink Pad 70x110mm Blue [IP][1Pc]

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Shiny Ink Pad 70x110mm [IP][1Pc][U16-26224]


Brand: Shiny

Color: Black &  Blue

Size: 70x110mm


With the use of Shiny violet stamp pads, you can be sure that your stamps will continually deliver clean and uniform imprints that will last for decades. An inkpad is a small box that contains a pad of cloth or other material. It is impregnated with ink (the place is inky). A marker is pressed onto the pillow, then onto the paper.

  • Comfortable & Durable Structure.
  • Smooth and safe use.
  • Deluxe & Excellent Model.
  • Excellent in quality, Best Results
  • Smudge-free impression.
  • Durable plastic case.
  • Fast-drying ink.
  • An ideal way for office management
  • Authenticate your documents.
  • Patent Product.