PP Lite 70Gsm A5 Printing Paper ( 2 Ream )

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PP Lite 70Gsm A5 Printing Paper ( 2 Ream )


Brand: PP Lite
Weight(g/m2) : 
Opacity (%) : 
Brightness(%) : 
Thickness (um) : 

1. Get Excellent image clarity & contrast.
2. It has High opacity and thickness.
3. Get High performance for both side printing/copying.
4. Optimized smoothness on both surfaces.
5. Uniform toner/ink absorption to provide good print evenness.
6. Paper dimensionally stable.
7. Best Suitable for 1. Photocopy. 2. Laser Printing. 3. Inkjet Printing


A5 size printing paper is a smaller size paper than the standard A4 size. It measures 148mm x 210mm, which is half the size of an A4 sheet. A5 size paper is often used for printing smaller documents such as leaflets, booklets, and brochures. It is also used for printing on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. It can be used for a variety of printing applications such as personal documents, flyers, invitations, and for taking notes. It can also be used for printing photographs and graphics, but it may not be suitable for large-scale printing projects. A5 size paper is generally available in the same weight options as A4 paper, such as 70 Gsm and 80 Gsm.

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