Omega Junior Crayons Non Toxic 12 Colors [IP][1Pack]

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Omega Junior Crayons Non Toxic 12 Colors [IP][1Pack][U17-27324]


Brand: Omega

Product Type: Crayons

12 junior crayons in a Pack




Crayons are colorful drawing tools typically made of wax or oil pastel encased in a paper wrapper. They come in a variety of colors and are commonly used by children and artists for drawing and coloring.

The wax or oil pastel inside the paper wrapper is designed to be soft enough to transfer color to paper or other surfaces, but firm enough to maintain its shape and not break easily. Crayons can be used to create a variety of effects, including bold lines, soft shading, and blending of colors.

Crayons are often sold in sets with a range of colors, and some sets may also include specialized types of crayons, such as metallic or neon colors. Some crayons are also washable, making them a popular choice for young children who may accidentally get the crayon marks on their clothes or skin.

Overall, crayons are a versatile and popular tool for artistic expression and creativity.