Islamiyat (Urdu) Revised Edition Book 8

ISBN 9780195475630
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The Islamiyat series comprises textbooks written for classes 1–8. These textbooks have been written using a fresh and student-friendly approach to teaching the fundamental concepts and beliefs of Islam. The content and layout have been structured to impart a better understanding of this important subject. Components. Students' Books. Teaching Guides.
This series in Urdu consists of textbooks from level 1 to 8. In these books, basic Islamic injunctions have been portrayed in a simple and easy way, aided by Quranic references, Ahadith and episodes from the life of our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Interesting exercises improve children’s knowledge about religion. Contrary to a traditional approach, some concepts and incidents have also been illustrated to give a better understanding to children. The language is very simple and comprehensible and so is the layout.
The books are written in accordance with the Pakistan National Curriculum.
Teaching Guides are also available for the books, with endorsement from the Ministry.