Islamiyat: A Core Text for Cambridge O Level

ISBN 9780195479041
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Islamiyat: A Core Text for Cambridge O Level, especially developed for the Cambridge O Level Islamiyat syllabus (2058/1, 2), has been extensively revised to meet the requirements of the current (2013) Islamiyat syllabus. Following these guidelines, the book covers the content in eight main units in a comprehensive, interesting, and student-friendly manner. In addition, Appendices 1 and 2 cover the Quranic Ayaat and Suras, and Ahadith, respectively, along with translation and explanation, for special study. Keeping in mind the nature of the subject, the facts and details have been thoroughly researched by the authors and are presented in a form acceptable to all schools of thought.
The distinctive features of this book are:

A fresh and thoughtful approach to a traditional subject
A simple yet lucid style of language
Relevant questions from specimen and past papers with each chapter to prepare students for the Cambridge O Level examinations
Objectives and summary with each chapter; additional information in the margins
Appropriate, relevant, and interesting illustrations and photographs to complement the text

The textbook is accompanied by a Teaching Guide which provides further support and suggestions for effective teaching.