Intikhab-e-Kalam: Syed Muhammad Jafari

ISBN 9780199408764
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Intikhab-e-Kalam: Syed Muhammad Jafari

Compiled by Rauf Parekh

This is a representative selection of Syed Muhammad Jafaris poems. Jafari was an Urdu language poet well known for his humorous and satirical verse. His hilarious poetry recitals at 'mushaeras' had made him very popular and his periodic appearances on TV had sent his popularity skyrocketing. But he could not collect his poetical works in book form and it was published some 10 years after his death. With publication of his second collection of poetry, Jafari's art was even more appreciated by readers and critics alike. Jafaris wit and repartee made him hugely popular was his wit and repartee. Politicians, bureaucrats, and pseudo-religious figures were the butt of his satire. This selection from his works covers the more popular and better known poems, making it a truly hilarious critique of society.

Author Description
Dr Rauf Parekh has an MA and PhD from the University of Karachi. He is a critic of Urdu Literature and regularly contributes to the daily Dawn, Karachi. He is a former Chief Editor of the Urdu Dictionary Board. Presently is teaching at the Department of Urdu, University of Karachi. He is the compiler of the first slang Urdu dictionary and Chief Editor of the Oxford Urdu – English Dictionary.


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