Gree 1.0 Ton Inverter AC 12PITH2W [IP][1Pc]

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Gree 1.0 Ton Inverter AC 12PITH2W [IP][1Pc][U8-181223]


Gree 1.0 Ton Inverter 12PITH2W


  • 150-240V/ 220W -1350W
  • European Complaint Heat & Cool AC
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Powerful G-10 Inverter AC
  • Energy Efficiency Class A+ (Up to 60% Energy Saving)
  • State-of-the-art DSP Chip
  • Ceiling Cooling & Floor Heating System
  • Power Factor Correction Technology Up to 99%


Gree 12PITH2W Pular DC Inverter 1T Heat & Cool


The advancements in DC inverter technology and the digital revolution have transformed conventional Air Conditioning systems. Gree, however, took it to another level and introduced PULAR inverter technology in Gree Gree 12PITH2W Pular DC Inverter 1 ton Heat & Cool which is style and technology combined. It comes in 12000, 18000, and 24000 BTUs.

Alongside, it is stuffed with modern features. Cleaning air filters is made easy with the auto-clean function. Besides, researchers say that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor so people can get asthma, headaches, and more health issues. Gree PULAR DC inverters contain a cold plasma air purifier that kills microbes, bacteria, and other harmful particles. Thus, your AC takes care of the air you breathe.


Relentless Performance


Gree 12PITH2W Pular DC Inverter 1 ton Heat & Cool saves energy up to 60% with A+ technology. Operating at a wide range of 150-240 Volts, Gree Pular inverter can manage operations at 420-2200 Watts of power. Moreover, 4D airflow with vertical and horizontal directions makes the air disperse in all directions irrespective of focusing on a single person.

A double deflector in the air vents allows air to throw even at 90 degrees. 7 fan speed makes it far more effective. Alongside, it includes 7 modes that are; Turbo Mode, and Sleep Mode. Features like Timer, Auto Restart as well as Child Lock.