Faber Castle Classic 36's Color Pencils [IP][1Pack]

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Faber Castle Classic 36's Color Pencils [IP][1Pack][U23-31223]


Brand: Faber Castle 

Product Type: Color Pencils 

36's Color Pencils in a Pack 




Color pencils are a type of art supplies that are used for drawing, sketching, and coloring. They consist of a thin cylindrical core of pigmented wax, oil, or resin encased in a wooden or plastic barrel. The core of the pencil is made from a mixture of pigments and a binder, which gives it its color. Color pencils are available in a wide range of colors, from basic primary colors to more complex shades. They can be used to create a variety of effects, from subtle blends to bold, vibrant strokes. Color pencils are often used by artists, illustrators, and students, and are popular for coloring books and adult coloring books as well. They are also known as colored pencils, wax pencils, oil pencils, or pastel pencils.