Dollar Glue Stick 35g [IS][1Pc]

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Dollar Glue Stick 35g [IS][1Pc][U223]

Brand : Dollar 

Product Type : Glue Stick

Grams : 35g


A glue stick is a type of adhesive that comes in a solid form and is applied to surfaces in order to bond them together. The 35-gram glue stick refers to the amount of adhesive material contained within the stick, which is typically housed in a cylindrical plastic container with a twist-up mechanism that pushes the glue up and out of the top.

The 35-gram size is a larger size than the standard 8-gram size and is suitable for larger projects or for those who need more adhesive for frequent use. It is ideal for bonding paper, cardboard, fabric, and some plastics, and dries clear for a neat finish.

The adhesive contained within the glue stick is non-toxic and easy to use, melting and bonding surfaces together as it cools and hardens. It is important to apply the adhesive evenly and thinly to prevent excess glue from seeping through the paper or other materials.

When using a 35-gram glue stick, it is important to ensure that the surface being bonded is clean and dry for optimal adhesion. The glue typically sets within a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment.

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