Aam Darsi - I

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Samar e Urdu Primary series is for classes 1-5. This series consists of a reader and workbook at each stage. The books have been designed keeping in mind the modern day teaching pedagogy and works on building student’s skills including listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Samar e Urdu has a variety of content including topics of Science, Religion, Culture, Art and it also comprises of humourous literature for the children to enjoy and be able to relate and connect. This enables the children develop the language skills required to move along the journey from words to sentences and from sentences to paragraphs. Grammar activities have been provided in the reader as well as the workbook.
Samar e Urdu series come with complete Teachers Resource Books which incorporate different assessment strategies including AFL(assessment for learning).

Class: 1
ISBN: 978-969-677-008-4