3 Flower Gem Clip 26mm [IP][1Pack]

TFG26 gem
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3 Flower Gem Clip 26mm [IP][1Pack][U10-20324]


Brand : 3 Flower

Product Type: Gem Clip

MM: 26mm


  • 3 Flower gem clips' versatility in keeping documents, papers, and other materials securely organized in various settings.
  • the size of each gem clip is 26mm in length, providing ample space for holding multiple pages together.
  • the pack includes 100 gem clips, ensuring a sufficient supply for various organizational needs.
  • 3 Flowers gem clips' durability and reliable holding power, ensure that documents stay securely fastened together.
  • 3 Flowers gem clips can be used in a wide range of settings, including homes, offices, schools, and more.
  • the smooth finish of the gem clips, preventing snagging or damaging papers during attachment or removal.
  • 3 Flowers gem clips are coated with a rust-resistant finish, ensuring their long-lasting performance.

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