When Nature Strikes

ISBN 9780199064694
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When Nature Strikes is a self-help book for children in disaster-hit areas. With the ever-increasing number of natural disasters around the world, psychologists Dr. M. Patrice Khan and Lissa Lazaro felt the need to help children deal with the trauma and shock brought about by natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, storms, hurricanes, etc. The pain, suffering, and loss that young victims face affect them either mentally or physically—or both. Healing from the trauma takes time and requires support. This book is aimed at assisting children to help themselves. It provides a variety of activities for them to express their feelings and emotions and hence release many of their fears, tensions, and emotions. When Nature Strikes is all about surviving and thriving through difficult times and, as the authors say, ‘We can do it!’ by helping each other.

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