Complete Global Perspectives for Cambridge IGCSE® and ...

ISBN 9780198366812
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Restructured to match the latest Cambridge syllabus, this new edition focuses even more on skills and assessment—bringing clarity to the Global Perspectives course.
Focusing on the development of advanced reasoning, research and communication skills, it is written by an experienced teacher and examiner, with expertise in IB TOK.
• Develop high level critical thinking—restructured to focus on skill
development, required for assessment and further education
• Build skills for IB TOK, right from age 14—written by an experienced teacher with expertise in TOK, who understands how to develop the right skills for success in TOK
• Focus on exam confidence and success—written by an examiner, the assessment practice gives students the confidence to apply their skills
in assessment
• Support every student—includes material for students at different ability levels, to develop their confidence 
• Drive discussion and collaboration—engaging activities and discussion points encourage students to practise key skills
• Support EAL learners—key issues, key vocabulary and language exercises help students whose first language is not English to demonstrate their skills
• Completely flexible—available as a print book, an online book, or a print and online package
• A Teacher’s Guide to help teachers effectively deliver the latest Global Perspectives syllabus