Oxford Progressive English Book 9

ISBN 9780199401864
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Oxford Progressive English 9 and Oxford Progressive English 10, Third Edition, comprising a two-volume course for O Level, have been revised in accordance with the changes in the latest Cambridge O Level English Language syllabus 1123/1, 2. The books introduce students to every aspect of the Cambridge O Level English Language course and aim to enhance their language skills and proficiency besides preparing them for the examinations. Oxford Progressive English 9 and 10 follow the secondary series Oxford Progressive English 6, 7, and 8. However, they stand alone and are not dependent on the study of Oxford Progressive English 6, 7, and 8.
Key features of Student Book 9:
• New texts with engaging and interesting content and illustrations

• Student-friendly, attractive, and well laid out presentation

• Students’ proficiency in specific language-related areas is built up progressively

• Opportunities and guidance are given to enable students to discuss, compare, correct, and learn from sample work by students from across the ability range

• Practice and guidance are given in planning and writing compositions and writing in different genres

• Comprehension questions test interpretation skills and language use as well as information retrieval

• Summary writing skills are built up through practical and gradually more challenging tasks

• A wide range of stimulating texts from media articles to memoirs from across the world has been chosen to stimulate, interest, and challenge students as well as develop their reading experience and language skills

The accompanying Combined Teaching Guide for Oxford Progressive English 9 and 10 has also been revised and provides valuable reinforcement for all these skills with extended topics and tasks especially designed for O Level students for whom English is a second language.