Open Door English Workbook 1

ISBN 9780199065431
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Open Door English Workbook 1

Eleanor Watts

Open Door English is a lively, carefully-graded course for children in English-medium schools. It opens a door to the skills and attitudes necessary for life in the 21st century.
Reading skills
Each teaching unit begins with a stimulating reading text in a variety of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry genres.
Examples of target vocabulary and grammar are contextualised in the reading texts.
Language skills
Related spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation exercises are progressively graded.
‘Wise owl boxes teach the rules in simple, child-friendly language.
Communication skills
Related speaking and listening tasks ensure that children can communicate effectively through English.
The audio-recording on My E-Mate provides a correct model of pronunciation for all texts, spellings, and listening tasks.
Writing skills
All the learning of a unit comes together in the composition task, which supports individual expression with clear writing frames.
Life skills
Every unit fosters curiosity, critical thinking, responsibility, co-operation, and creativity.
Every fifth unit revises all the skills taught in the previous four units.
Components for each level
Textbook with reading texts, language, and composition work
Workbook with handwriting and consolidation of the Textbook
Teaching Guide including photo-copiable revision tests
My E-Mate audio-recordings to be used in class and at home
My E-Mate interactive exercises for online practice


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