New Syllabus Primary Mathematics Book 5 (2nd Edition)

ISBN 9780190701482
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New Syllabus Primary Mathematics (NSPM) is a series of textbooks and workbooks specially written to reflect a student-centered approach, which serves to engage pupils so that they have a solid foundation in Mathematics.
Special Features for Books

Child-friendly and infused with interest and enjoyment, the series uses a progressive approach to introduce new concepts and reinforce them through all the levels
Chapter Opener to arouse pupils’ curiosity of the contents of the chapter
Recap for pupils to recall learnt concepts
In Focus for pupils to discuss questions related to various learning objectives
Let’s Learn for the introduction of new concepts through the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach
Activity Time (We Work Together, Play A Game!, IT’s Fun) to allow pupils to develop requisite skills, knowledge and attitudes with the inclusion of learning experiences
Practice for immediate evaluation of pupils’ learning
Mind Workout to encourage pupils to apply learnt concepts to solve non-routine questions
Maths Journal for pupils to reflect on their learning process
Self Check for pupils to keep track of their own learning progress