New Syllabus Pre-Primary Mathematics Level B: Workbook ...

ISBN 9780199066582
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This is a series of 12 workbooks specially written for the pre-primary school pupils to build a solid foundation in mathematics.
Special features:

Step by step introduction of numbers from 1 to 100
Ample writing practice for numbers
Real-life situations demonstrate the relevance of mathematics to daily life
Each level deals with mathematical concepts progressively
Application of mathematical concepts are incorporated throughout
Examples given provide a ready reference to solve problems
Colourful exercises generate interest amongst the pupils to learn concepts through play
Games and puzzles make learning fun and challenging
Illustrations are colourful and create interest
Skills learned for each lesson are given at the bottom of each page
Each level is accompanied by a detailed teaching guide with lesson plans to support teaching; each guide has a CD with additional worksheets and flash cards.