New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan Book 2 with Digi ...

ISBN 9780190700614
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The fourth edition of New Oxford Social Studies for Pakistan is a thorough course comprising seven textbooks including two pre-primary and five primary level books. Developed along the guidelines of the National Curriculum of Pakistan, the course covers varied topics ranging from history, geography, civics, culture, sociology, economics, and religion.
It teaches essential life skills and inspires learners to become responsible citizens. It emphasizes critical-thinking, problem-solving, and inquiry-based learning. This edition has:

A new layout with refreshing design
Revised content translating student learning outcomes
Interesting facts in the ‘Did you know?’ sections
Ideas for research and activities in the ‘Things you can do’ sections
Work pages at the end of each lesson to reinforce knowledge
An overview of each unit in the ‘What we have learned’ sections
New, exciting, real life images and interesting illustrations
Unit-based digital learning resources that includes animations, interactions, and flashcards
Formative and summative assessments based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
Glossary pages to build students’ vocabulary