Launch Into Literacy Book 2

ISBN 9780199155514
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A course to inspire the highest literacy skills in today's children, Launch into Literacy is a structured five-book course for 6 to 11 year-olds. It addresses the reading, writing, and study of a full range of text types across fiction and non-fiction. Each unit is based around the study of a particular text type and purpose for writing.

Writing to inform-recount and report
Writing to entertain-the major types of fiction, including stories and plays
Writing to express-poetry
Writing to instruct-instructions and directions
Writing to persuade-persuasion and argument
Writing to explain-explanation

In each unit, children read and study a lead text, undertake activities related to the key language points, and then write their own text in the same genre. This gives valuable guidance for shared and guided writing.
The strengths of Launch into Literacy are:

Specially written to cover the National Literacy Strategy range of texts
Teaches language knowledge in context and develops skills needed to write in different genres
Activities include reading, comprehension, written composition, grammar and punctuation, and word-level work
Posters provide a large laminated version of the study texts ideally suited to whole-class and group teaching, and are easy to annotate and wipe clean