Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in Pakistan

ISBN 9780195478815
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This book is for those who are concerned with the deteriorating situation of women in Pakistan and wish to obtain an overview of the legal and practical changes which have been introduced to improve their condition. A critical analysis of the continuous and increasing misinterpretations of the principles of Islam through legal acceptance is presented. Several references to laws which have been recently changed and have an effect on women’s lives have been added, including alterations to the Criminal Procedure Code 1898 and Pakistan Penal Code 1860, such as the introduction of the death penalty for gang-rape.
In my activities as a lawyer and a social worker … I have come across several women who have been hurt. Their silent, voiceless suffering of callous injustices aroused my emotions. I felt a strong need to analyse the situation and the manner in which justice and equity, both social and legal can change women’s lives.
I was moved to write this book as I felt I had the advantage of education, knowledge and experience to present the related issues.