Dragonfly Readers: Time to Play

ISBN 9780190890155
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Time to Play is Band 4 of Dragonfly Readers Level 3 Teal. This anthology contains four theme-linked reading texts:
Traditional Asian Toys
This non-fiction text is about some beloved traditional toys from around Asia, including spinning tops, kites, kendamas and bamboo dragonflies.
The Rainbow Loom
The Rainbow Loom is a popular arts and crafts toy for making bracelets with rubber bands. This non-fiction text tells the story of how Cheong Choon Ng from Malaysia invented the toy.
Shaan Town Tales – Game Night
This ‘Shaan Town Tale’ is about a game night at the shophouse. Mina and Lili decide to include Kang, a boy with some learning difficulties. To their surprise, Kang does everything he is asked to do, and something unexpected as well!
Yu-ri’s Archery Adventure
Yu-ri is unhappy to be at a Korean sports camp. She would rather play games on her phone. But after an unusual adventure, she discovers the fun of real games.