Dragonfly Readers: Our Neighbourhood

ISBN 9780190890131
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Our Neighbourhood is Band 2 of Dragonfly Readers Level 3 Teal. This anthology contains four theme-linked reading texts:
A Festival of Colours
This non-fiction text is about the colourful Indian festival of Holi, which brings together everyone from the neighbourhood – old and young, rich and poor, friends and strangers.
The Quiet Neighbours
When Yuta moves to a new neighbourhood in Japan, he and his sister meet some interesting children in the park, who teach them a fun new language.
Skycycle Adventures – The Big Oil Mess
This ‘Skycycle Adventure’ takes Li Yen, Safina, Bo and Gopi near a beach town after an oil spill. They work together with the neighbourhood volunteers to wash the oil-covered birds and clean up the oil spill.
Shaan Town Tales – The Fast Man on Wheels
In this ‘Shaan Town Tale’, Mina and Dasan’s neighbour Mr Jia comes to their basketball practice. When Mr Jia offers to help the team, everyone is surprised, because he uses a wheelchair.